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About DISCOVERY Yachts & Fleet Purpose

The DISCOVERY Yacht Program is supported by private vessels and comprised of scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, and educational outreach events. SeaKeepers collaborates with numerous organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies in order to accomplish its DISCOVERY Yacht missions. SeaKeepers staff work closely with yacht owners and crew to coordinate research and outreach activities that reflect each yacht owner’s ocean-related interests. SeaKeepers supports a wide variety of programming.

Scientist-led Expeditions

Scientific expeditions provide yacht owners, guests, and crew the opportunity to participate in ongoing research while engaging with influential, well-known marine scientists.

Citizen Science Trips

These expeditions do not require scientists to be aboard, but they permit vessel owners and crew to participate in ongoing research projects which depend on the participation of non-scientists within the community.

Educational Outreach Events

Educational outreach events have focused around marine wildlife, instrument deployments, plastic pollution, sustainability practices, and more.

Community Engagement Activities

SeaKeepers shares its mission of ocean research and conservation with local communities throughout the year.

Current Vessels Available for Research

The vessels listed on this web portal represent owners or captains who have already participated in the program or have shown interest. Based on the criteria selected, the search engine will identify which vessel(s) would be best suited for each unique proposal. Once a vessel is identified SeaKeepers will engage with the vessel representatives to coordinate a schedule that works for all parties involved. While we cannot guarantee the availability of a vessel, we will work with participants in assigning and scheduling available vessels to ensure as many expeditions happen as possible. The list will be updated periodically so we encourage you to check back on availability.

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